Like many countries in Europe, Sweden sees a large entry of tourists every year. These tourists may come to see famous spots in the country, whether it is the vast collection of museums or the historic buildings. Whatever your reason for visiting Sweden may be, the country is too large for you to walk on foot.

Since it is your first time in the country, you might not be keen to try out the public transportation system either. You can visit the popular company reviews platform ReviewsBird to find a pocket-friendly car rental service you can use throughout your stay.

You may be on a thin budget or stretched thin because of the members of your family accompanying you on this trip. Perhaps the tale of elegance, culture, and refined taste you have heard about the city makes you question yourself, “is it cheap to rent a car in Sweden?” We are here to answer your question by telling you that there are affordable car services in Sweden. Below are some affordable car rental services you will find in the country.


Sixt is one of the services that have been popular due to the choice of numerous tourists. With vehicles that have been deemed safe and road worthy, you have a reason to worry less about your rental suddenly shutting down in the middle of the road.

Their fares have been hailed as affordable compared to the services they offer, so you might want to check it out.


With an ever-increasing catalog of vehicles in their garage, Rental Cars have come to stay among the list of affordable rental companies in Sweden. With branches worldwide, the company has come a long way from its humble beginnings.

They must have been doing something right. Although they have a long list of rules that clients must abide by, it does not affect their position as one of the cheapest brands that still uphold quality.


Small and affordable, just what you are looking for, First Rent A Car has proved to be a valuable asset for customers visiting Stockholm. Clients that have used their services were full of praise, so we believe you should find a plan with them to fit your budget.


You will agree that something has made this brand one of the leading authorities in European car rental over the past few decades. Understanding customers and adapting to the client’s needs play a huge role in their reoccurring relevance. You can be sure they will find the plan to fit your adventure into.

5. S.BIL

Based in Stockholm, you can be sure no rental company will understand the city’s layout as much as a local rental brand. The safety that comes with playing on one’s home turf is what you will get from S.Bil. Their fares will not weigh you down either since they are one of the biggest rental companies in the country, but you need to try them too, like many others before you have.


Now that you have seen a few cheap rental companies you can rely on in Sweden, we hope you visit the city soon and have fun there!